stri_read_lines: Read Text Lines from a Text File#


Reads a text file in ins entirety, re-encodes it, and splits it into text lines.


stri_read_lines(con, encoding = NULL, fname = con)



name of the output file or a connection object (opened in the binary mode)


single string; input encoding; NULL or '' for the current default encoding.


[DEPRECATED] alias of con


This aims to be a substitute for the readLines function, with the ability to re-encode the input file in a much more robust way, and split the text into lines with stri_split_lines1 (which conforms with the Unicode guidelines for newline markers).

The function calls stri_read_raw, stri_encode, and stri_split_lines1, in this order.

Because of the way this function is currently implemented, maximal file size cannot exceed ~0.67 GB.


Returns a character vector, each text line is a separate string. The output is always marked as UTF-8.


Marek Gagolewski and other contributors

See Also#

The official online manual of stringi at

Gagolewski M., stringi: Fast and portable character string processing in R, Journal of Statistical Software 103(2), 2022, 1-59, doi:10.18637/jss.v103.i02

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