stri_enc_list: List Known Character Encodings


Gives the list of encodings that are supported by ICU.


stri_enc_list(simplify = FALSE)



single logical value; return a character vector or a list of character vectors?


Apart from given encoding identifiers and their aliases, some other specifiers might be additionally available. This is due to the fact that ICU tries to normalize converter names. For instance, 'UTF8' is also valid, see stringi-encoding for more information.


If simplify is FALSE (the default), a list of character vectors is returned. Each list element represents a unique character encoding. The name attribute gives the ICU Canonical Name of an encoding family. The elements (character vectors) are its aliases.

If simplify is TRUE, then the resulting list is coerced to a character vector and sorted, and returned with removed duplicated entries.

See Also

Other encoding_management: about_encoding, stri_enc_info(), stri_enc_mark(), stri_enc_set()